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What We Do

Randall & Carolyn Clay have been in the family ministry for over forty-four years. In the beginning their three children traveled with them and developed ministries to teens and children.


Now Randall and Carolyn travel and minister to couples and families on the importance of having a strong Christian marriage and family. They travel all over the United States and have been in some of the biggest and smallest churches.


Their teaching is practical and powerful, ministering to people on their own level. Many churches are taking advantage of their weekend seminars. These start Friday evening, with food and child care, Saturday morning, again with a light breakfast and child care and ending with Sunday morning and evening services.  Senior Seminars are a popular part of their ministry. This involves either one or two days of ministry in the word and song geared to the needs and likes of older people. This is a growing need in churches today. They also do seminars for companies.


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Senior Ministry

Twelve years ago Randall & Carolyn started a seniors' ministry in Greenville. It was successful and reached out to many senior citizens of different denominations.

It survived moving to different locations and changes in programing. However due to their ever widening area of ministry, Randall & Carolyn saw it was going to be impossible to keep up the scheduling of these meetings. But, the experience of dealing in this area had lead them to expand their ministry to seniors in the churches where they are booked. They have been the main speakers for several senior retreats and have been invited to minister to senior meeting all over the country. Randall & Carolyn have a special burden for seniors, understanding their need for music and ministry that will be a blessing to older people.