Randall & Carolyn Clay have been ministering for forty four years. Their ministry started when they took their three children, twins ten years old and a  four year old daughter, and sang as a family. Then Randall would ministered to families on strenghtening their marriage and family.


At first the children only sang a few songs, but later as they grew older they took a more active role in the ministry. The boys ministered to youth and teens while Nicole ministered to children. At one time they would come to a church and hold four separate meetings: Randall ministered to the men, Carolyn to the women, Richard and Michael to the youth and teens and Nicole to children.


Later the boys married and their wives joined the family for a while. Then the children ventured into ministries of their own.  Randall and Carolyn continued on, teaching, singing and holding seminars in churches and for companies.


Today the need is even greater that it was when Randall and Carolyn first started. Instead of slowing down and cutting back, they find themselves more in demand than ever.