Meet The Clays

Randall & Carolyn have been married 54 years. They have three children, twin boys, Richard and Michael and a daughter, Nicole and are  grandparents of seven great kids and great grandparents of five. They have lived in Greenville, Ohio for over forty four years and enjoy restoring their one hundred and forty four  year old house. Eventhough their ministry keeps them on the road alot they have become familiar names in their hometown, sponsoring Christian Music concerts and starting a successful ministry for Senior Citizens called Senior Moments.

Randall Clay



Bio: Randall started in Gospel music over 59 years ago. He started his first quartet in West Virginia, his home state. He trained for and became a photographer, working for a newspaper in Bluefield, WV. While on that job he photographed mine disasters, Presidents and many sports personalities. Later, moving to Dayton, OH, he worked in a portrait studio and sang with the Gospel Mariners Quartet.  In 1973 Randall felt led to disband the Mariners and take his wife and children on the road. They sang as a family and later developed the teaching ministry that is still going strong today.


Now after being married 54 years and raising three children who are saved and in ministries of their own, Randall feels that ministering to families is even more important than it was 44 years ago when they started. His teaching helps families realize the important steps that need to be taken to have a strong family. His teaching, geared toward men, encourages and instructs them to be strong Christian leaders in their family.


Randall feels very blessed to still be able to enjoy the two professions that he loves, ministry and photography. After forty years his burden for marriages and families remains strong.

 Carolyn Clay


Bio:Carolyn was born in Richmond, IN. During her school years she majored in voice and music, then became a piano teacher. When she met and married Randall, after knowing him only six weeks, their goal was for her to travel with Randall. Twin sons arrived eleven months after they married and put that dream on hold. Four and a half years later their daughter was born and Carolyn's days were filled with caring for her family, teaching piano and singing in church. After ten years the timing was right for her and the children to join Randall.  That is when they started ministering as a family. She home schooled the children, sang and taught in the seminars. This was a busy life, but a time when she was able to help develope not only Randall's ministry, her own, but the childrens' as well.


Today she is still traveling, teaching and singing, but finds time to enjoy her children and does a fantastic job of spoiling her seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren. She also enjoys cooking, has published four cookbooks,  entertaining in their home and gardening. 


She focuses her teaching in the seminars mainly to women; helping them to identify their roll in their marriage, family and society. Her teaching also focuses on what submission really is and how a woman can be strong, have the mind of God and still be the submissive wife God wants her to be.